CaboRiders Motorcycle Club - Motorcycle excursions to Cabo San Lucas
This website is dedicated to sharing the passion of our motorcycle club;  riding motorcycles. Although we call ourselves CaboRiders, we have ridden all over California,  Arizona, and  Nevada, as well as Baja California. Mostly sportbike riders and a few Harleys over the years, it doesn't matter to Caboriders. What you bring is what you ride. Should you decide to make the trip to Cabo with us, you must have a minimum of  six (6) months conseccutive riding experience prior to the departure date. No exceptions!
Two of us, Dale and Dino, have ridden together since 1994.  We make annual visits to Cabo San Lucas.
For our club, the ride to Cabo epitomizes the sure thrill of motorcycling  and the adventure(s) that may/will accompany it.  We make frequent stops along the way for gas, refreshments, and photo opportunities.
Once in Cabo, we relive the essence of dormitory style living; meaning we do not patronize the resort areas. We have reservations at a large inn along the main strip in Cabo. This enables us to walk to most tourist areas and activities. We very rarely use cabs or even our motorcycles. You can walk to the Marina,  El Quid Roe, The Gigglin Marlin, Cabo Wabo, the Crazy Lobster, the bank, the mall, and even the small swap meets. A supermarket is next door.  There's even a casino in Cabo now. Yes, you can walk to it as well.  
So pack up your board shorts, T-shirts, and flip flops (there isn't a formal dress code in most of the tourist areas of Cabo; even in the clubs) and embark on a journey of a lifetime.
If you choose to ride with us or someone else, The CaboRiders would appreciate you respecting the roads you travel and the people along the way.  If you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch through the Contact Us section of the site. Until then, keep the rubberside down!
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